Join the team! The Bigfoot Search Team is a National Team, based in Drumright, OK--inspired by Tom Slick Jr's crytozoological expeditions.The Bigfoot Search Team is looking for new members to help FIND BIGFOOT!

Member Benefits: When you join the team you can report your sightings to the team through our Instagram page. Also, we may share your findings on our social media posts! Together, we can find Bigfoot! Follow us on Instagram ! In addition, we pledge to share any State offered reward money to our members, should we capture a Bigfoot. Recently, 2 million dollars was offered in Oklahoma and State licensing is being considered. It is up to each member to decide how they divide their own reward money.

Other Team Benefits: When you join, we will send you a cool sticker and certificate! In addition, we will give you an e-coupon code to use for a FREE BIGFOOT BURGER at our local Oklahoma sponsor restaurant, Joseph's Steak House, in Drumright, OK! 

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​Local Meetings:

Drumright, OK -  TBA

San Diego, CA- TBA

Colorado Springs, CO. - TBA

Portland, OR- Cancelled

Honobia, Oklahoma -Bigfoot Festival