​​​Our modern recipe is an evolution of the same unique, salty goodness with a hint of citrus taste. Careful attention to tradition and legacy is given to each batch.

SMOKE has evolved, as it no longer contains as many artificial ingredients. Many of those ingredients have become obsolete and unavailable in the food industry.
SMOKE is created in small, custom batches, in house only, with the freshest kitchen ingredients, including real smoked beef extract.
  New for 2018- A portion of the proceeds of each SMOKE steak sauce bottle purchase will be donated to a local community Volunteer Fire Department! (Shamrock, Olive, Oilton and Drumright are target recipients)- Our new product logo pays tribute to this commitment and the legendary name, ‘SMOKE’.          

         *Please store SMOKE in refrigeration .*

NOTE:  We do not ship Smoke Steak Sauce, as it made in small custom batches, with the freshest ingredients, in house only. Please keep refrigerated at your headquarters until it's time to enjoy.  #SmokeOnEverything