Purchase Joseph's BBQ Packages for your event. We have multiple packages to find your group size;

The Select 5- Choose from 3 pounds of different meats and 2 different pt. sides-        $59 (Serves up to 3 guests.) 

The Gameday: Includes 

1# Brisket

2# Ribs

1# Bologna

6 Cabbage Rolls

1# Hot Wings (Can substitute Chicken Strips or Smoked Turkey)

Choose 2 Quart Sides $79 (serves up to 5)

The Family Reunion: Includes

2# Brisket

4# Ribs

2# Bologna

12 Cabbage Rolls

2# Hot Wings (Can Substitute Chicken Strips or Smoked Turkey)

Choose 4 Qt Sides $158 (serves up to 12)

The Big Family - 2x the size of the Family Reunion. (serves 24)

Too Much Family- 3x  the size of the Family Reunion! (serves 36)

 *Pick up pricing only*

Side Choices: Tabouly, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Potato Salad.

No Meat Substitutions with package deals


10# ICE- $2

2.5 Tea/Lemonade $8 ea

Plates/Cups/Plasticware- $1 ea.

Call us at 918-352-3255 to order. Be ready to tell us the day and time of pick up and if you want it hot or if you are going to heat it yourself at a later date.  Thank you!!