Sandwich Samurai

Enjoy this Army of Sandwiches on their epic journey to satisfy the people

- Smoked Turkey and American Cheese Sliders

- Smoked Ham and Swiss Cheese Sliders

- Brisket and Pepper Jack Cheese Sliders

- Baked Beans

- Roasted Potato Salad

- Tabouly Salad

- Pasta Salad

- Potato Chips

- Mayo/ Mustard

​- Vegetable Tray with Houmas and Ranch Dips

All American Steak Dinner

​8 ounce OR 12 ounce Ribeye

Roasted New Potatoes

​Vegetable Trays

​Mini Cabbage Rolls

Rib & Bologna


​Pasta Salad

Dinner Rolls​​

USDA CHOICE hand cut RIBEYE and Filet Mignon available. Call for per person pricing 1-800-729-2123

The Rockstar

   Legendary selection of heavy hors d'oeuvres, ready        for the main stage.

- BBQ Mix; Little Smokies, Sliced Hot link &                      Smoked Bologna

- Sweet & Sour Meatballs

- Mini Cabbage Rolls

- Hot Wings

- Smoked Turkey & Ham Pinwheel Trays

- World Famous Tabouly

- Cubed Cheese and Cracker Trays

- Vegetable trays with houmas and ranch dips

-    8 oz. Chopped Sirloin - our famous charbroiled 'hamburger steak', topped with roasted onions, bell peppers and smoke sauce.

​- Seasoned Green Beans

-     Parmesan Baby Baked Potatoes

-     Tabouly Salad

-      Pasta Salad

-      Bread Sticks

Pulled Pork Perfection

Slow smoked BBQ Pork Sandwich Buffet makes the world better.

- Smoked BBQ Pork

- Buns

- Pickles & Onions

- BBQ Baked Beans

- Potato Chips

- Potato Salad

- Pasta Salad

- World Famous Tabouly

Relax! No matter if it's a wedding, family reunion, birthday party or business meeting...we got this! Call or email us with the location of your event, and let us know if you would just like to pick up your meal yourself, or have our crew take care of it.  We know not every event is the same, nor is the budget.  When you call, our planners can help formulate a meal design that is right for your guests and your budget. All meals are quoted on a per guest price. Email us or call 918-352-3255. Delivery and set up subject to availability but pick-up is always available!

          Traditional  Catering


      Enjoy the finest Smoked BBQ from our pit!

This meal includes;

- Sliced Brisket

- Smoked Sausage & Bologna

- Sweet Hickory Grilled Chicken Breast

- BBQ Baked Beans

- Seasoned Green Beans

- Mini Cabage Rolls

- Tabouly

- Potato Salad

- Coleslaw

- Dinner Rolls 


      Chopped Sirloin Buffet

The Legacy

   This elite meal includes;

-  Sliced Smoked Brisket
-  Little Smokies BBQ Mix
-  Seasoned Grilled Chicken Breasts
-  Vegetable Trays w/ Ranch & Houmas Dips      
 - Mini Cabage Rolls
 - World Famous Tabouly Salad
-  Parmesian Baby Baked Potatoes
 - Pasta Salad
-  Garlic Bread Sticks

-  Iced Tea/Lemonade

-  High Quality Disposable Dinnerware