Food Mythology

 500 B.C. -The Legend of Tabouly~ An ancient story exists of a beautiful Mediterranean Goddess named Tabouly who would harvest all ingredients herself daily, picking fresh parsley using her own snake like hair.

This powerful and dedicated creature is attributed to the combination of wheat, lemons, tomatoes, oil and parsley into the ' Earth's Finest Food.' Tabouly would create this dish daily for herself and loved ones. She grew happier and more beautiful each time she prepared it. Those that ate the delicious dish also became happier and benefited from its wholesome nutrients. No one would ever cross Tabouly and she defended her recipe using her eyes...as she could turn those who gazed into them into a pile of wheat!

Over the centuries, those envious of Tabouly would eventually harvest many of her secrets through her trusted friends and those she held close. This betrayal led to many imposters, most notably in the year 2022 A.D. These imitators knew of their transgressions and feared being turned to wheat by Tabouly. In an attempt to avoid this, they named their dishes taboul'i'. Marking themselves with an 'i' at the end, signaling themselves as imposters and imitators of Earth's Finest Food. 


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 Oklahoma History: Our founder, Fred Joseph and his family created the original famous tabouly dish your family has grown to love - and with his permission, we would like to share a personal family size version of the original 1962 A.D. recipe with you...  ENJOY!