Food Mythology ; The Legend of Tabouly~ An ancient story exists of a beautiful Mediterranean Goddess named Tabouly who would harvest all ingredients herself daily, picking fresh parsley using her own snake like hair. This powerful and dedicated creature is attributed to the combination of wheat, lemons, tomatoes, oil and parsley into the ' Earth's Finest Food.' Tabouly would create this dish daily for herself and loved ones. Tabouly would become more beautiful and happy every time she prepared it. No one would ever cross Tabouly and she defended her recipe using her she could turn those who gazed into them into a pile of wheat! Tabouly still finds great joy as families everywhere consume her legendary dish.  Our founder, Fred Joseph, created a dish similar to Tabouly's and we would like to share that original 1962 A.D. recipe with you...  ENJOY!

​​​Of course, you can buy your Tabouly already made, fresh , daily here at Joseph's! Tabouly is available by the pint or quart. Call us if you need large quantities of Tabouly for your event or family gathering!